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Ayane Yamazaki Manager
Yasuhiro Takahashi


【New Release】
Ayane Yamazaki
Ayane Yamazaki Cover EP
September 1, 2023 Release



■Self liner notes from Ayane Yamazaki
(Ayane Yamazakiよりセルフライナーノーツ)



【1】誰も知らない  Lonely
Song Title:Lonely
I used to play this song at the end of my live performances when I was 16 years old. I used to sing it as if I were speaking to the audience, appealing to them, or telling myself to sing along.

I played it with an intense yet quiet emotion, letting each note resonate on my acoustic guitar, as if I was “putting” the words in the live venue.

I am something that no one else knows. The one and only me that neither friends, lovers, nor family know. The me that I want someone to know is unknown to anyone in the world in which I live.

It is a very lonely and dim path, but on the other hand, it is very free and full of possibilities.

When I was 16 years old, I used to listen to “Nobody Knows You” by Otis Redding.

It was the music for me, so much so that I thought I was the only one who knew this song.

The recording of this cover EP reminded me that “soul” is a key element for me these days.

I don’t feel much of a musical synchronization, but I realized that I was very moved by singing and expressing a part of my soul that no one else knows, and that I might be creating something.

I think it was very important for me to be able to do a self-cover at this time.

“What never changes and what is changing.”

It was a chance for me to gently feel that.

I hope that “Lonely” will become “a song that only I know” for everyone who hears it.








わたしは16歳の頃、オーティス・レディングの『Nobody Knows You』をよく聴いていました。この曲は”わたししか知らないんじゃないか”って思い込むほどに、わたしのための音楽でした。このカバーEPのレコーディングがあり、近頃「ソウル」というものが、自分にとってキーとなる存在だというのを、ふと思い出すこととなりました。音楽的なシンクロはあまり感じないけれど、「ソウル」=「たましい」の誰も知らないところを歌ったり、表現すること。その部分にわたしはすごく心を動かされていて、創作をしてるのかもしれないと気づいたりしました。






【2】 アオイカノジョ  The Blue Girl
Song Title:The Blue Girl
Kei Maruyama rearranged this song, which consisted of a bossa nova-style guitar riff, into a more refreshing bossa nova-style pop song.

When I first heard this song, it was really wonderful, and I was happy to think that maybe this song was meant to be heard this way.

At the time, the vocals were powerful, but this time I wanted to sing it with softer vocals.

I felt that this arrangement was a good match for this song, and I took on the challenge of recording it.

The atmosphere of this song, written by a sensitive 16-year-old girl, is the very image I have when I am an adult and I am silent.

It may be the same mood that exists somewhere in the listener.


In the lyrics, “Kick off the moon, wrap me up, leave me as I am,” it is meant to kick off the unstable part of the human mind in the depths of astrology. It is an interesting song where you can feel the conflict between the instincts and impulses that desperately want to wrap me in tenderness and the conflicting emotions that desperately want to wrap me in tenderness.






当時は力強く、どこか「ツン」としたボーカルだったものを、今回はやわらかくて抜け感のあるボーカルで歌い上げたいと、自然と思いました。現在のAyane Yamazakiがこの曲をセルフカバーすることの相性のよさに、自分でもウキウキしつつ、レコーディングにも挑みました。



「月を蹴っとばして あたしを包んで そのまま」というサビの歌詞では、占星術での「月」が表す=人間の根深いところや不安定な心の部分を”蹴っ飛ばして”と歌う、その本能と衝動に対して、必死にやさしさで包み込もうとする、相反するものとの葛藤も感じられて。おもしろい曲だなって、思っています。



【3】 魔法をおしえて  MAHOU O OSHIETE
I love this song. It’s minimalistic, yet infinite in its universe.

The music is impeccable and perfect, and the vocals are one-of-a-kind, flying through it all. The lyrics are pure and clear.

When I decided to cover this song, I was once again overwhelmed by its awesomeness, and inevitably searched for the possibilities of my own voice.

This cover song is a milestone for me, as it convinced me of the affinity between electro and city pop.






そしてエレクトロとシティーポップとの親和性を確信させてくれた、Ayane Yamazakiにとってマイルストーンのような大切なカバー曲です。



【4】 風の谷のナウシカ  Kazeno Tanino Naushika
Song Title : Kazeno Tanino Naushika
The album I listened to most in 2020 was the first album by Japanese singer Narumi Yasuda.

At the time, the world was in turmoil due to Covid19 and everyone was upset and anxious. I was surprised at how timely the lyrics of “Kazano Tanino Naushika” were.


During that time period, I was working on the album “Yobikakerarete” with the theme of “what you can’t see” and “what you feel beyond what you can see.” In the midst of that I really wanted to sing this song, so I covered it.


During the recording, I had a magical experience of melting with the music and becoming a completely different personality from myself, which is also an impressive memory.


■ Japanese










Ayane Yamazaki
Recording Artist


Performed at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’2016 at the age of 17.
Live performances was end in April 2019.
She will begin full-fledged activities as a recording artist.
In October 2019, she made her worldwide distribution debut with the album “LIFE” on the UK label/agent AWAL.
The following year, she released a split single “The Way You Make Love/kitchen song” with SSW Gena Rose Bruce from Melbourne, Australia, and “MAHOU O OSHIETE”, a cover of legendary Japanese city pop from the 1980s for worldwide distribution release. An analog 7-inch records was also released in Japan, Australia, and the UK.
In the same year, the album “Yobikakerarete” was released.
Received worldwide indie/alternative media coverage and playlist selection in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. Twice reached #1 on the German indie charts.


In 2021, she moved to the label/agent FRIENDSHIP. which is transmitting from Japan to the world.
The album “Ribbon” was released. Heavy rotation/recommendation on over 30 radio stations and media in the US and Europe! Especially well heard on alternative stations/college radio and voted Best Indie Artist in Germany, US and Spain.
More songs were selected for the playlist.


In March 2022, she started a regular show on Blue Torch Radio, a new alternative radio station in London, UK.


In May of the same year, the album “The Highway of Truth” was released.It was aired on college radio and alternative radio stations around the world, and made its first guest appearance on a special program. The song was selected by many playlists and was chosen as the top cover of the famous Japanese playlist SpotifyJP Official Playlist”Kirakira Pop:Japan”.


The music of the soft voices of the Orient is certainly beginning to reach listeners of indie music around the world.


She has been called “one of the leading whispers of our time” and “an artist with seven-colored whispers” by listeners in the U.S. and Europe. Her music is beginning to reach indie/alternative music listeners around the world.

She continues to work through streaming as a recording artist developing a whisper voice that transcends language and existing linguistic sensibilities.



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【日本語バイオグラフィー Biography/Japanese】

Ayane Yamazaki (山﨑彩音)


17才の時にFUJI ROCK FESTIVAL‘2016に出演。2019年4月にライブ活動を終了。レコーディング・アーティストとして、本格的に活動へ入る。2019年10月、英国のレーベル/エージェントAWALよりアルバム『LIFE』で全世界配信デビュー。翌年、オーストラリア・メルボルンのSSW Gena Rose Bruceとのスプリット・シングル「The Way You Make Love/kitchen song」を全世界配信リリース。続いて80年代伝説的シティーポップのカバー「魔法をおしえて」を全世界配信リリース。両シングルともにアナログ7インチレコードをオーストラリア、イギリス、日本で発売。


2021年、日本から世界へ発信しているレーベル/エージェント FRIENDSHIP.へ移籍。アルバム『Ribbon』をリリース欧米のラジオ・ステーションやメディア30局以上でヘビー・ローテーション/リコメンド!特にオルタナティブ・ステーション/カレッジ・ラジオでよく聴かれていて、ドイツ、アメリカ、スペインではベスト・インディー・アーティストに選出される。プレイリストに様々な曲が選曲される。


2022年3月イギリス・ロンドンの新しいオルタナティブ・ラジオ局「Blue Torch Radio」でレギュラー番組がスタート。番組名は『Swing Slow Swim』。番組はすべて日本語で放送。


同年5月 ラブソングと社会性が共存したアルバム『魂のハイウェイ』をリリース。世界中のカレッジ・ラジオ/オルタナティブ・ラジオ・ステーションでオンエアされ、特番も組まれ、はじめてのゲスト出演も実現した。多くのプレイリストに入り、日本の有名なプレイリスト SpotifyJP公式プレイリスト「キラキラポップ:ジャパン」のトップカバーに抜擢される。







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